Michael Kirsopp



About Michael

Mike has spent 45 years working in the financial services industry, specifically within the commercial lending sector. Much of his career was spent within the Commercial Banking arm of Lloyds Banking Group, which also included senior roles in the business change and strategy functions.

In 2011 Mike joined the team that would launch Cambridge & Counties Bank the following year. Initially working on developing the plan to gain the new bank its operating license, Mike became Chief Operating Officer. He was responsible for building an organisation that became renowned and recognised for the high quality of its service to all customers through its combination of people led relationships supported by flexible cloud-based technology.

Taking up the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2014, Mike built on his passion for growing a customer centred Bank which continues to meet customer needs in a way often ignored by others in the market whilst blending a healthy risk culture with growth aspirations.

Since retiring from full time executive roles Mike is working to support new start-up Banks fill the gaps left by existing and traditional players who abandon sectors and customers in the race to maintain market dominance. His passions outside of work are family, dogs and cars. He is the proud owner of such British classics as the Austin 1300GT and the MG TF.